We build great products with AI/ML systems

We are a software development consultancy based in London & Cambridge, United Kingdom. We specialize in end to end machine learning infrastructure and product development.

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AI/ML is revolutionising industries

Automating and streamlining your business processes and making them smart and intuitive, we could reduce costs, improve satisfaction, and gain more engagement from your customers.

Our expertise lies in building systems that integrate various machine learning technologies into coherent products that bring about the intelligence into your business. We collaborate with designers, researchers, developers, engineers and testers to create products and services that perform.

Whether it is software architecture, or planning and managing teams, Redsprint has proven its worth in various large scale operations.


We work together with you and your partners to deliver success and satisfaction. If you are interested in our services or you want to have a chat about the opportunities we offer, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Redsprint helped to build innovative tools for medical image analysis at Microsoft Research Cambridge, primarily at early stages of (Project InnerEye). This enabled radiologists to examine CT/MRI scans of patients quickly and efficiently.

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As the cooperation with Microsoft Research was a success, we worked together on an end to end large scale image classification project, which became a part of (Bing Image Search)

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Together with Emotech, we architected, planned and managed a large array of machine learning systems into an intelligent smart speaker called (Olly)

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Machine Learning technologies


Face Detection and Recognition, Object Detection and Recognition, Scene Understanding

Speech Recognition

Converting human speech audio into a machine understable format

Natural Language Understanding

Converting spoken or written language into a format which is executable by machines

Natural Language Generation

Generating words and phrases in order to effectively communicate using natural language with people


Natural language conversational systems to carry out a task or clarify instructions. For example making a restaurant reservation.

There are a large number of ML technologies available as commodity services. We can help you design and create products by incorporating these technologies into one seamless product or components that work together with very little friction.

Some of these technologies require augmentation and enhancement with your own datasets. Collecting, cleaning, and annotating datasets require domain knowledge and infrastructure to improve the performance of those algorithms in a continuous basis. By collaborating with your team of domain experts, researchers, and developers, we can design and develop these engineering pipelines to suit your exact needs and cost budgets.

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We are happy to discuss and collaborate with you and your partners in defining and coming up with solutions. We pride ourselves in creating systems that bring joy and value to our customers. Chat with us is just a click away.

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